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The information on the following pages represents the first attempt in Catalonia to highlight the work of literary translators. For each translator there is a profile of the person and a complete list of all their translations, as well as extracts from some of these works. In time, we hope that this space will become a useful and reliable directory of translators working from and into Catalan.

No culture would question the importance of the promotion of its literary works beyond its borders, for they are clearly among the foremost ambassadors of that culture. Nor does anyone doubt the importance of the reverse route. Translations of universal literature represent a valuable contribution to the culture and language of a country.

Nevertheless, translators often have the feeling that the work they do is considered one more step in the publication of a book. They feel anonymous, because nobody knows them or recognises them, even though it is they who put their names to the translation. But in spite of the pressures of the market, which refuses to acknowledge the importance of their task, most literary translators have left a visible and lasting imprint on the literary landscape of Catalonia.

No book can cross frontiers without the patient dedication and understanding of a translator. Furthermore, translators are not simply responsible for faithfully transposing the contents from one language to another, but very often they act as true intermediaries. They have selected the most representative works, found the right channels for bringing them to the public, and have been lucid commentators on unknown cultures. We wish here to record their efforts.

Marc Monzó. Hoops (braçalet), 2006.
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