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Carles Batlle
Scene 1

A living room. A large and open window area, with curtains billowing. On the windowsill, centred, a bouquet of carnations in a modest vase. A light enters, soft and warm: the sun is setting. A movable bar, a telephone, a mirror, and, softly illuminated by the light streaming in from the outside, a angular blue armchair.

On his knees, right in the middle of the room, tempering the effect of the shadows on the minute walls, a man who is not quite sixty years old arranges a doll house. It is MARC, an orderly individual, possessing domestic kind of elegance. We see how he shifts around the minuscule pieces of furniture, how he cleans them, how he observes them. He moves with silence and precision, without evident force, in such a way that his actions prompt him to take on surprising, rather ridiculous positions.

Beyond the armchair, far from the movable bar and the mirror, in another space, without visible walls, a marriage bed. The same light that enters through the living room window fully illuminates softly, as though it were a delicate and valuable object, the white quilt that covers the bed. Sitting on the bed, bathed in light, with her legs folded and her bare feet exposed, a young woman, BERTA. She wraps her arms around her knees to reveal a white, rounded thigh. She has a lost but impatient look: it seems as though on the other side of the window, someone is offering her an exciting and unattainable spectacle, tempting... On top of the bed, a leather bag.

Translated by Sharon G. Feldman
Carles Batlle, Suite. Disponible al web Catalandrama, 2000.
Carles Batlle, 2008
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