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Elegies de Bierville

Carles Riba
"Sunium! From afar I’ll evoke you... "


Sunium! From afar I’ll evoke you with a cry of joy,
you and your constant sun, king of sea and wind:
remembering you I’m transported, happy with exalted sea-spray,
beside your perfect marble, I as noble and ancient as it.
Mutilated temple, contemptuous of the other columns
which at the bottom of your drop, beneath the laughing wave,
dream eternity! You watch, white in your eminence,
over the mariner, whose course is set true by your presence;
over the one drunk with your name, who through scrub-land
comes to seek you, extreme as the certainty of gods;
over the exile who through dark woods suddenly
perceives you, oh life-like, oh ghost-like! and knows
by your strength the strength that saves him from fortune’s blows,
rich in what he has given, and in his ruin wholly pure.

Translated by Joan Gili
Carles Riba, "Sunium! From afar I’ll evoke you... ". a: Bierville elegies [edició bilingüe]. Oxford: The Dolphin Book, 1995, p. 12-13.
Carles Riba
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