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Ramon Muntaner
«And as I have told you in general...»

And as I have told you in general how all were attended upon, I must turn to tell you how the Lord King, in particular, was attended upon. It is a fact that the Lord Infante En Pedro wished to be major-domo on this festal Easter Day, and he ordained the matter as you have heard. He himself and the Lord Infante En Ramon Berenguer presented the finger-bowl to the said Lord King. And it was ordained that the said Lord Infante En Ramon Berenguer should serve the cup to the Lord King, and then twelve nobles should serve, together with him, at the table of the Lord King. And the Lord Infante En Pedro, with two nobles —all three hand in hand and he in the middle— came first singing a new dance he had composed; and all those who were bringing the dishes responded. And when he came to the table of the Lord King he took the bowl and tasted the contents and set it before the said Lord King, and then set down the carving board. And when he had thus placed the first dish before the Lord King, and had finished the dance, he took off the cloak and tunic of cloth of gold trimmed with ermine and many pearls which he was wearing, and gave them to a juglar, and, at once, other very rich garments were ready for him, which he put on. And he kept the same order with all the dishes served; at each dish which he carried, he sang a new dance he, himself, had composed, and gave away the garments he was wearing, all very splendid. And there were full ten dishes served. And every time when he had set a dish before the Lord King and had tasted it, the nobles and knights and the other servitors placed upon the tables so many dishes that no one could have made any improvement upon it.

AND when the Lord King and all dined in the royal palace, a very rich and splendid seat was erected for the Lord King and for the Archbishops to sit in the same order in which they had sat at table. And the Lord King, with the crown on his head as he had sat at the table, and with the orb in his right hand and the sceptre in his left, rose from the table and came to sit on the aforementioned seat in the palace. And around him, at his feet, sat nobles and knights and we citizens. And when all were seated, En Romaset, the juglar, sang in a loud voice a new serventesch before the Lord King, which the Lord Infante En Pedro had composed in honour of the said Lord King; and the theme of the serventesch was this: that the Lord Infante told him in it what the meaning is of the crown, the orb and the sceptre, and how according to their meaning, the Lord King should act. And in order that you should know, I will tell you briefly; but if you wish to know it more exactly, refer to the said serventesch and there you will find it told more clearly.

The meaning of the crown is this; that the crown is round, and as in a round thing there is no beginning nor end, it signifies Our Lord, the True, Almighty God, Who has no beginning and will have no end.

Translated by Lady Goodenough
Ramon Muntaner, «And as I have told you in general...». MUNTANER, Ramon. The Chronicle Of Muntaner. Translated by Lady Goodenough. Londres: Hakluyt Society, 1920-1921, vol. 2, p. 729-731.
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