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Foc a les mans

Montserrat Abelló
And within me a voice says

And within me a voice says
come with me to contemplate
what words are like inside
to feel the pulse of things.

And then you think of those
you love and with whom you have
lived through the years
and still do not know.

-looks that run away
sealed thoughts, perhaps
only revealed in fugacious
moments or in the intensity
of desire.

But never within,
forever at the edge of the torrent
of silences or of words
forever alert and ready
but not knowing, not knowing.

Translated by Montserrat Abelló and Elisabeth Russell
Montserrat Abelló, And within me a voice says. Catalan Review. International Journal of Cataln Culture, Volume VIII, numbers 1-2 Poetical translations, 1994
Montserrat Abelló
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