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Domini màgic

Joan Vinyoli

I've become an ivory billiard ball
always rolling, shoved around
by the sinister cue and painfully
bouncing off the sides of the rectangle,
harshly and violently repelled
time and time again.
I can't stand it anymore, inveterate
player, take me off the green felt,
let me feel the hours go by,
the sound and motion stop,
the still ivory turn to wax,
to be melted, in the end,
by the hand of fire.

Translated by Deborah Bonner
Joan Vinyoli, Game. A: Catalan Writing 8 [Barcelona: ILC] (abril 1992), p.33.
Joan Vinyoli al bar El Velódromo, 1978. Foto: Jordi Nebot
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