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Plou a Barcelona

It's raining in Barcelona
8- A sentence.

Carlos: Do you want to go out?


Carlos: We can go to McDonald’s.
Lali: Today you want to go out?
Carlos: We can go to the Barceloneta. To look at the sea. And then we can get something to eat at McDonald’s. Or if not at that chicken place.
Lali: I want to leave this job.


Carlos: You’re having a bad day. Everything seems grim. It’s normal.
Lali: I really mean it.
Carlos: If you want, tomorrow I’ll go with you to the museums and to those places you go to.
Lali: Why?
Carlos: So you have company.
Lali: When I’m working I don’t see green anymore, I just see sad men.
Carlos: What do you mean?
Lali: You don’t understand anything, Carlos.
Carlos: It seems like you were reading one of those sentences that come with the candy. Can’t you talk like a normal person?
Lali: Normal?
Carlos: Yeah, when you did the ones in construction, or in the offices, or the ones who unload the trucks at the port, you used to speak like a normal person and… and your were also happier, now you spend the day like you’re sad, always thinking about things that are useless.
Lali: I used to spend the day working.
Carlos: I’ve tried to follow your thing with the goddamned pieces of candy. Fuck the damned candy, Lali. The stuff they put on those wrappers is useless. It has nothing to do with real life.


Lali: I’m sick of sucking rotten dicks. Does that make any sense to you?


Carlos: You want to leave?
Lali: Yes.
Carlos: OK. Leave.
Lali: I’m leaving.
Carlos: Leave.
Lali: I want to do other things, I can do other things.
Carlos: What things? Work the cash register in a supermarket and not make even as much working double the amount of hours?
Lali: It’s a possibility.
Carlos: OK. Do it.
Lali: I will do it.
Carlos: And me?
Lali: You?
Carlos: Yeah. Me. What about me? What do we do? What will we do?

The telephone rings
Translated by Sharon Feldman
, It's raining in Barcelona. A: Barcelona plays: a collection of new plays by Catalan playwrights. Nova York: Martin E. Segal, 2008.
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