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Diccionari per a ociosos

Joan Fuster
Dictionary for the idle

An accomplice is anyone who helps you to be as you are.

The point is worth reiterating: a good case can be made for cynicism. In essence, that which we call cynicism is nothing more than the antidote for hypocrisy. The diametrical opposite of the cynic is not the virtuous man, or even the puritan: it’s the Pharisee.

Defect originally must have meant something akin to deficit and nothing more: some or other type of deficit. The idea of defect is diametrically opposed to the idea of excess: “to sin by defect or excess”. It is curious, nonetheless, that the majority og excesses usuall receive, in everyday language, the label of defects. Deficiency and superabundance are at times—and contradictorily—equivalents. “Sins” as the saying tells us.

Perhaps inasmuch as we are not egoists we are blessed. And perhaps, as well, inasmuch as we are blessed, we are incapable of being egoists.

For example:
Here lies
j f
he died
as he lived

I don’t understand those who say they despise money. It’s so hard to earn!

Traduït per Dominic Keown
Joan Fuster, Dictionary for the idle. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, cop. 1992.
Joan Fuster, després de l’atemptat de 1981, Arxiu “El Temps”
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