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Edited Work of Edith Sitwell

  • SITWELL, Edith. The Mother and Other Poems. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1915.
  • SITWELL, Edith; SITWELL, Osbert. Twentieth Century Harlequinade and Other Poems. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1916.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Clown’s Houses. Londres: Longmans, Green & Co., 1918.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Wooden Pegasus. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1920.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Façade. Kensington: Favil Press, 1922.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Bucolic Comedies. Londres: Duckworth, 1923.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Sleeping Beauty. Londres: Duckworth, 1924.
  • SITWELL, Edith; SITWELL, Osbert; SITWELL, Sacheverell. Poor Young People. Oxford: Fleuron, 1925.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Troy Park. Londres: Duckworth, 1925.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Elegy on Dead Fashion. Londres: Duckworth, 1926.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Twelve Poems. Londres: E. Benn, 1926.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Rustic Elegies. Nova York: Knopf, 1927.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Popular Song. Londres: Faber and Gwyer, 1928.
  •  SITWELL, Edith. Five Poems. Londres: Duckworth, 1928.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Children's Tales (from the Russian Ballet). Londres: Duckworth, 1928.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Gold Coast Customs. Londres: Duckworth, 1929.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Collected Poems of Edith Sitwell. Londres: Duckworth, 1930.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Epithalamium. Londres: Duckworth, 1931.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Jane Barston, 1719-1746. Londres: Faber & Faber, 1931.
  • SITWELL, Edith. In Spring. Londres: edició particular, 1931.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Five Variations on a Theme. Londres: Duckworth, 1933.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Selected Poems. Londres: Duckworth, 1936.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Poems New and Old. Londres: Faber & Faber, 1940.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Street Songs. Londres: Macmillan, 1942.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Green Song and Other Poems. Londres: Macmillan, 1944.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Song of the Cold. Londres: Macmillan, 1945.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Shadow of Cain. Londres: Lehmann, 1947.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Canticle of the Rose: Selected Poems, 1920-1947. Londres: Macmillan, 1949.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Gardeners and Astronomers: New Poems. Londres: Macmillan, 1953.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Collected Poems. Nova York: Vanguard, 1954.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Outcasts. Londres: Macmillan, 1962.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Music and Ceremonies. Nova York: Vanguard, 1963.

  • SITWELL, Edith. I Live Under a Black Sun. Londres: Victor Gollancz, 1937.

  • SITWELL, Edith. Alexander Pope. Londres: Faber & Faber, 1930.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Victoria of England. Boston: Houghton, 1936.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Fanfare for Elizabeth. Londres: Macmillan, 1946.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The Queens and the Hive. Londres: Macmillan, 1962.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Taken Care Of . [Autobiografia] Londres: Hutchinson, 1965.

  • SITWELL, Edith. Poetry and Criticism. Londres: Hogarth Press, 1925.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Bath. Londres: Faber & Faber, 1932.
  • SITWELL, Edith. The English Eccentrics. Londres: Farber & Farber, 1933.
  • SITWELL, Edith. Aspects of Modern Poetry. Londres: Duckworth, 1934.
  • SITWELL, Edith; SITWELL, Osbert; SITWELL, Sacheverell. Trio: Dissertations on Some Aspects of National Genius. Londres: Macmillan, 1938.
  • SITWELL, Edith. English Women. Londres: Collins, 1942.
  • SITWELL, Edith. A Notebook of William Shakespeare. Londres: Macmillan, 1948.

  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] Wheels: An Anthology of Verse. Oxford: Blackwell, 1916-21.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] The Pleasures of Poetry: A Critical Anthology. Londres: Duckworth, vol. I: First Series, Milton and the Augustan Age, 1930; vol. II: Second Series, The Romantic Revival, 1931; vol. III: Third Series, The Victorian Age, 1932.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] Edith Sitwell's Anthology. Londres: Victor Gollancz, 1940.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] Look! The Sun. Londres: Victor Gollancz, 1941.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] A Poet's Notebook. Londres: Macmillan, 1943.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] Planet and Glow-Worm: A Book for the Sleepless. Londres: Macmillan, 1944.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] A Book of the Winter. Londres: Macmillan, 1950.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] The American Genius. Londres: Lehmann, 1951.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] A Book of Flowers. Londres: Macmillan, 1952.
  • SITWELL, Edith [ed.] The Atlantic Book of British and American Poetry. Boston: Little, Brown, 1958.

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