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Llibres d'Aiden Shaw


  • If language at the same time shapes and distorts our ideas and emotions, how do we communicate love? Poems by Aiden Shaw. Manchester: The Bad Press, 1996.

  • Looking for meaning is something to do. Il·lustracions de Marcus Weyland. Whatever, 1999.


  • Boundaries. Bristol: Millivres Prowler Group, 1999.
  • Brutal. Bristol: Millivres Prowler Group, 2001.
  • Wasted. Bristol: Millivres Prowler Group, 2002.


  • Aiden. Il·lustracions de Mark Beard. Nova York: 1990.
  • My undoing: Love in the thick of sex, drugs, pornography and prostitution. Nova York: Carroll & Graf, 2006.
Aiden Shaw
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