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Under the Volcano

Malcolm Lowry

Towards sunset on the Day of the Dead in November 1939, two men in white fannels sat on the main terrace of the Casino drinking anís. They had been playing tennis, followed by billiards, and their rackets, rainproofed, screwed in their presses -the doctor’s triangular, the other’s quadrangular- lay on the parapet before them. As the processions winding from the cemetery down the hillside behind the hotel came closer the plangent sounds of their chanting were borne to the two men ; they turned to watch the mourners, a little later to be visible only as the melancholy lights of their candles. Circling among the distant trussed cornstalks. Dr Arturo Díaz Vigil pushed the bottle of Anís del Mono over to M. Jacques Laruelle, who now was leaning forward intently.

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