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Sílvia Aymerich i Lemos

Visat núm. 19
(abril 2015)
by Kathleen McNerney
Aymerich i Lemos, Sílvia (1957, Barcelona). Translator, poet and prose writer.With training in several languages and literatures, as well as a Degree in Biology, Sílvia Aymerich brings a diversified background to her writing.

She has translated into Catalan works by John Ruskin, Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle, Isaac Asimov, Josiana Vicenzutto, Ursula K. Leguin, Jean Rosmorduc, Georg Weerth and Menna Elfyn.

In the field of science popularization, besides a number of juvenile labLit novels in Catalan and Spanish with context-embedded computer activities, she has published translations of several works into Spanish for Zetamultimedia and is currently involved in "Beautiful Mars", the University of Arizona/NASA multilingual joint project.

Regarding poetry in translation, she has contributed autotranslations into French and English, and has translated into Occitan, Romanian and Italian for American and European literary magazines. Since 2012 she has been working with Thierry Offre (Pen Occitan) on "Versions Múltiples", a project of literary translations among contemporary authors.

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